Why you need to be
Closer Certified.
Why YOU need to learn this....right now
Every business owner or entrepreneur got into business for one reason.....They want to change the lives of their customers.....forever.

"We're going to make millions!  Just wait until the world sees our product!  We're going to change the world" - the words every entrepreneur says.

Months and years are put into developing the product, the packaging, the brochures, the website, the funnel.....and then the day comes to launch!!!

The leads come in, and you speak with your prospects, passionately, about your product.....but you just can't seem to close those sales....

...But your product is awesome. So why isn't anybody buying it?

Why?  I'll tell you why.  Because nearly every most business owner and entrepreneur was NEVER trained in selling products or services.  Is it any wonder 90% of businesses fail.

Chances are that you have never had the training or access to the knowledge required to make hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales.  Your business idea, your inspiration was born out of years of experience and passion.  

We can't teach you that.  In fact we don't need to teach you that.

But taking that experience, passion and inspiration, harnessing it and building a six, seven or even EIGHT figure business and knowing exactly how to sell that product or service that you've been slaving over, developing, working nights and weekends neglecting your friends and family;  knowing how to sell enough to finally get your time back, to go on that dream vacation, and of course change your customers' lives, now THAT we can and will teach you. It's called Closer Certified.

At Closer Secrets, our customers pay us $30,000 and upwards plus a percentage of the sales we generate for them to handle their high-ticket sales.  

We're going to teach you how to do this for yourself....and trust me....
.....you'll never forget the moment you close your first high-ticket sale. Ever.
Closers. Change. Lives.  Here's why....
Get Closer Certified!

It doesn't matter what kind of business you are in...it's about being able to execute your game plan to maximize your potential. 

It's about doing things the right way from the beginning.

Master the process from start to finish.
What you get with Closer Certification?

You will receive the full on-line training course that others paid $5,000 to attend live in August 2017, plus an invitation to attend our 2 day training and mastermind event here in Boise, Idaho, where you will be able to do a deep dive into your business and become officially Closer Certified. 

During the live training you will have Randall and other top experts help you look at every part of your business, top-to-bottom including:

* Your lead generating online sales funnels

* The audio and video content you need to use to establish credibility

* How to provide financing to your customers

* Your very own 5-figure One-Page sales Script

* And much more

By the end you will have the tools AND the confidence to consistently close high-ticket sales for your business.
Are you Ready to Take Your Sales Game to the Next Level?
(Lifetime Access)
One-time payment, includes a copy of the book Closer Secrets plus the full 13 Module online training package with the best trainers in the business including:
  • High-Ticket funnel building
  • Getting Traffic to your High-Ticket Funnel
  • The importance of using professional video
  • 6-Part Sales Closing training
  • How to increase conversions by offering financing

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"There is not a single sales guy that I have ever met or seen that knows and understand how to do a high ticket sale better than Randy Grizzle" - Robbie Summers
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