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Our Team of Grateful Closers have over a hundred years of combined experience and have closed well into the 9-figures over the phone. We do it all with keeping your customer and our client (YOU) in mind.

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“Closer Secrets is a great resource of credible, skilled and highly
valuable insights that produce some of the industries top closers.“
-Jeremy Haynes, CEO/Founder, Megalodon Marketing
Meet Randall
Founder, CEO
He has sold tens of millions of dollars over the phone for some of the world’s foremost influential marketers.
Randall has been in the trenches representing companies like Russell Brunson of Clickfunnels. He has put in the work and understands it’s 100% about the game plan.
He has also had the privilege to work with Frank Kern, Anki Singal, Jared Goetz, Keale Kanae, Josh Harris, Lee Haight, and Dan Henry. Building out systems for Influencers and companies like Jay Shetty (https://jayshettycoaching.com/), Kale Abrahamson (CEO, Nine University) , MATT THERIAULT ( CEO/Founder, Epic Real Estate) , DAVID GABLE (Director of Growth, Kixie)