Closers. Change. Lives.  Here's why....
Get Closer Certified!

It doesn't matter what kind of business you are's about being able to execute your game plan to maximize your potential. 

It's about doing things the right way from the beginning.

Master the process from start to finish.
What you get with Closer Certification?

You will receive the full on-line training course that others paid $5,000 to attend live in August 2017, plus an invitation to attend our 2 day training and mastermind event here in Boise, Idaho, where you will be able to do a deep dive into your business and become officially Closer Certified. 

During the live training you will have Randall and other top experts help you look at every part of your business, top-to-bottom including:

* Your lead generating online sales funnels

* The audio and video content you need to use to establish credibility

* How to provide financing to your customers

* Your very own 5-figure One-Page sales Script

* And much more

By the end you will have the tools AND the confidence to consistently close high-ticket sales for your business.
Are YOU ready to take your sales game to a whole new level?