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How to Create A Seamless Sales Process, Scale Your Team, And Deliver World Class Experience To Your Clients.
Create A Seamless Sales Process, Scale Your Team, And 
Deliver World Class Experience To Your Clients.
"Closer Secrets – Randall and Valerie Grizzle, Deborah Burris and the rest of their team are some of the best in the world at scaling, growing, managing and running a high performing sales team. 

When we brought them into our business we were in a bit of a slump, and over the past year the sales team they’ve managed has called on 10’s of thousands of leads, generated millions of dollars, and all the while doing it the RIGHT way – no outlandish claims, no pushy sales tactics – simply working with the prospects to figure out what was the best for that person.

 They run our sales team – and I’m  reading this book to figure out how they did it – because they delivered results well above my expectations."   
 -Taylor Hiott, Nine University
Why do some sales teams produce, while others struggle ? 

Why do some organizations scale while others never quite take off at all? 
Highest performers in the “sales industry” never focus on “selling.”. The best in this industry focus on being the best at helping others gain clarity on the change they seek, why that change is necessary, and how they can help them get there.

It is not about slick tactics to induce your sales team to perform, or your prospects to purchase your offer. This book is about getting clear about the change you and your offer bring to the world.

It is about finding the perfect balance of automation and human interaction. It is about making intelligent business decisions based on data, not emotion. It is about having the right systems and processes in place, to ensure your sales team comes from a place of truth with each customer interaction. It is about instilling confidence along every step of the customer journey. 

It is about providing real opportunity that attracts the right customers, the right closers, and crushes the competition. Ultimately, it is about coming from a place of truth and transparency.  

In “The 'Ultimate Playbook' for High Performing Sales Teams" Randall Grizzle and Deborah Burris share the unique system they have developed to:

  • ​Streamline your sales process to close more sales 
  • ​Find, train, and keep high quality closers.
  • ​Foster a healthy, high-performance sales culture that keeps the team motivated and energized.
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The Ultimate Playbook for High Performing Sales Teams.
What you get :
  • The Importance of T.E.A.M. ​Hear from the Randall, Deborah and the High Ticket Closers from the world class Closer Secrets Team. Together they consistently sell six figures weekly, leading to tens of millions of dollars in sales for our clients.
  • Learn what Closers REALLY want and value on a TEAM
Every business owner, influencer, coach or sales professional Who wants and make a difference in the world.. with what they sell, needs this playbook. 

"The Ultimate Playbook For High Performing Teams" 
Is The Answer To Turning Your Organization Into A High Performing Sales Machine.

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