(Why We Exist)

Increase the dollar per lead on high ticket offers.

(What We’ve Set Out to Accomplish)

Educate businesses on the essential elements needed to maximize
profitability and retain the best closers in the world.



(How We Operate)

“Closer Secrets is a great resource of credible, skilled and highly
valuable insights that produce some of the industries top closers.“
-Jeremy Haynes, CEO/Founder, Megalodon Marketing

Having the Right Game Plan in Place is the Key to 
Predictably Increase Sales Revenue. 


Randall Grizzle is the founder and creator of Closer Secrets, a company designed to optimize business efficiencies and organize world class sales teams. 

With 15 years of experience selling for influencers himself, Randall saw the bigger picture on how to help businesses reach their potential. In 2017 Randall opted to stop selling for Russell Brunson (ClickFunnels) and go into business for himself. Randall and his team have made an impact on the sales community in just a few short years.

Through his work ethic Randall has acquired clients who are authorities in the fast paced world of internet marketing. Closer Secrets has brought in over $20M in sales for their clients in 2020 alone.  

He has also had the privilege to work with Frank Kern, Anki Singal, Jared Goetz, Keale Kanae, Josh Harris, Lee Haight, and Dan Henry. Building out systems for Influencers and companies like Jay Shetty (https://jayshettycoaching.com/), Kale Abrahamson (CEO, Nine University) , MATT THERIAULT ( CEO/Founder, Epic Real Estate) , DAVID GABLE (Director of Growth, Kixie)
Randall spent his formative years learning about hard work and grit growing up on a ranch, and earning a football scholarship to the College of Western Montana. 

While Randall is proud of his accomplishments, his most valued asset is his family. Randall is married to Valerie Grizzle. Together they are raising two children. It is a strong family value that is the backbone for Closer Secrets.  


Deborah Burris

Deborah first made her mark in the sales world breaking records in the pharmaceutical industry and becoming a top sales trainer. 
She led sales efforts and implemented business strategies that produced massive results for leading digital marketing and e-commerce high ticket offers.

Deborah brings with her over 25 years of sales, strategic planning, and business development experience. She is known as a strategic leader who is quick to see inefficiency and conceptualize new solutions that produce results.

She has been a featured speaker at the National Association of Women Business Owners, Infusionsoft and Microsoft. More than anything she enjoys spending time with her husband Christian and nurturing their four children. Her favorite title is Michael, Madison, Emily and Elise’s mom.


Executive Assistant

Kara Hall

Kara has been working in sales and customer service for over 20 years. Her background includes franchise development, real estate, and high ticket sales. Kara joined the Closer Secrets team in 2019, after being inspired by their integrity, efficiency, and business acumen.
Kara enjoys assisting and supporting others in reaching their professional goals.
She resides in Northern Utah with her husband and 2 sons, which are her greatest blessing.




Christian Burris

Christian has a passion for systems and technology. He has loads of experience in implementing systems to
provide the best user experience and business outcome. He has started several successful small businesses. 
He is an Infusionsoft Certified Partner, Click Funnels Certified Partner, and Pipedrive Certified Partner.
With over 20 years of experience in project management, systems implementation, and high ticket sales he understands how to improve processes to achieve successful outcomes. 

He takes every chance he gets to learn and attend conferences.
He loves the entrepreneurial lifestyle. When he isn’t on a Zoom call or building a sales pipeline he can be found hanging out on the back porch visiting with his family, taking a walk with his GoldenDoodle named Ranger or talking to a friend about the latest gadget.


Valerie Grizzle

Valerie is a born problem-solver who loves creating solutions that allow businesses to thrive. She was a major contributor at Micron Corporation for many years and now brings her expertise to Closer Secrets to help business owners and sales teams thrive. 

She is the mastermind behind the development of the Closer Secret Lead Tracker System, which gives the closer a simple way to make notes, resolve leads and have visibility to commissions. Additionally, it gives the business owner the ability to make intelligent decisions regarding the profitability of each offer, each closer and each geographic marketing location all in real time!
She is a former college athlete who shares her team passion daily to help Closer Secrets thrive. Valerie is a dedicated wife, mother, and friend. She is Randall’s secret weapon! In her free time, you can find her on a court, in a gym or on a field watching and training their two children.
How to Create A Seamless Sales Process, Scale Your Team,
And Deliver World Class Experience To Your Clients.
In “The ‘Ultimate Playbook’ for High Performing Sales Teams.”, Randall Grizzle and Deborah Burris share the unique system they have developed to :
1. Develop a seamless sales process to close more deals
2. Find, train, and keep high quality closers
3. Foster a healthy, high-performance sales culture that keeps the team motivated and energized
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